# Welcome to MicroStorm

MicroStorm is a collection of ultra-high-performance boards that together form a hardware platform. MicroStorm is developed by two technical computer science students. There vision is to create a learning platform for other students that work with robotics to focus on programming instead of endlessly debugging electronics, without limiting them with acieving there goal. If they want to work with electronics they still can!

Robots always consists out of various actuators and sensors to complete a desired task. Students often spend most of there time figuring out how these components work, instead of making the robot do the desired task. By using Microstorm these hardware issues will be eleminated, so students can quickly get to work on programming the robot.

# 🧱 Modularity

Thanks to its modularity, MicroStorm is perfect for rapid prototyping and developing research projects. The compact form factor and board design ensure easy use and maintenance of the board. Since the first version of Microstorm there have been multiple versions of prototypes released to the Hogeschool Rotterdam for use in various classes and projects. The modular architecture allows the boards to be used/reused for several applications, not robotics only.

# 👨💻 Programming

The boards are compatible with various embedded frameworks, such as: Arduino, MicroPython, CircuitPython, ESP-IDF. For specific firmware and/ or drivers, please visit the board specific documentation.

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# 🔒 Is the hardware open-source?

We want to be as open-source as possible, so we do make some stuff accessible for the public. However, this is not everything. This is for good reason. This is to avoid possible clones that do not conform to project specifications and national regulations. The documentation provided is sufficient to understand the operation of all boards and accessories.

# 📱 Contact information